Welcome to BakeaShape

Thank you for visiting the BakeaShape website. I have just recently purchased BakeaShape as a home business from a lady in Auckland.   It has now been relocated to Christchurch City, - in the eastern suburbs, which has a shortage of cake tins and accessories for hiring.   After everything Christchurch has been through, I thought why not start a new business here, and give back a service which was lost due to earthquakes. I am a mother of 3 children, who all have dietary issues - gluten and food allergies.  I hope in time to offer not only a variety of kids cake tins, but also cater for Weddings, 21st, Christenings, Easter, Halloween, Mothers and Fathers Day too.  I will be increasing not only the range of tins, but will be offering a larger range of cake decorating products.   I have a Facebook page, where I hope my customers will send through their finished masterpieces and can say how they enjoyed the art of cake decorating.   I have reduced the Bond price, and courier charges and hope to see return customers hire again and again from Bakeashape.co.nz

Lynette Parker